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How to Ensure That Your Solar Rooftop Plant Produces Solar Power For At Least 25 Years

Solar panels come with a 25-year generating warranty, but it does not guarantee that they will live that long if they are not properly maintained.

We'll go over how to keep your solar power plant in good working order.

So you have installed your solar

Now, what should you do to keep your solar power plant in good working order?

We've included a few pointers below that will assist you in properly maintaining your solar plant.

Tip #1 - Solar Modules Dry/Wet Cleaning

The worst adversary of solar panels is dust and bird droppings, which, if not cleaned, cause hotspots on the modules. Cells in solar modules are connected in series and parallel connections, and the resistance of the afflicted cell increases as a result of bird droppings and dust, resulting in a hotspot. This hotspot, if not cleared, might cause lasting damage to the solar panel. Because of the hotspot, even if your solar panel has a 25-year generation warranty, its lifespan can be drastically reduced. So make sure you clean your solar panels every 15-20 days.

Tip #2 - Make certain that the Cabelling is in good working order.

In a solar power plant, AC and DC cables are critical. Weather and thermal stress can shorten the life of cables, reducing solar energy. Every 2-3 months, double-check that all of the wires and cables are in good working order.

Tip #3 - Proper Earthing Connections

In a solar power system, earthing is critical. It protects your equipment. Ensure that all earthing points are properly connected which in turn will increase your electrical equipments lifespan.

Tip #4 - Remove any object that cast shadows near the panels

Because shadows cause hotspots on solar panels, make sure your panels are shadow-free and remove any object that could cast a shadow on them.

Don’t Forget!

Finally, even if people tell you that your solar plant takes very little maintenance, make it a point to check on it every 15-20 days to ensure that solar energy is maximised.

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